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Mission Coordination Cell for National Quantum Mission

Why is it in the news?

  • Mission Coordination Cell (MCC) has been designated as the coordinating agency for the National Quantum Mission (NQM).

More about the news

  • MCC will closely collaborate with the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology, which acts as the implementing agency for the NQM.
  • MCC will be established in an institution identified by the DST based on merit and existing infrastructure.
  • The MCC will operate under the overall supervision and guidance of the Mission Technology Research Council (MTRC) thereby ensuring a structured and guided approach to the coordination efforts, aligning with the mission’s objectives.

About National Quantum Mission (NQM)

  • NQM was launched in 2023 with the primary objective of seeding, nurturing, and scaling up scientific and industrial Research & Development (R&D) in Quantum Technology (QT).
  • Aims to create a vibrant and innovative ecosystem in the field.
  • The mission is set to span from 2023 to 2031, indicating a long-term commitment to quantum technology advancements.
  • NQM has specific targets, including the development of intermediate-scale quantum computers with 50-1000 physical qubits within 8 years.
  • Additionally, the mission aims to establish satellite-based secure quantum communications between ground stations over a range of 2000 kilometres within India and with other countries.
  • Implementation of inter-city quantum key distribution over 2000 km is also part of the mission’s ambitious targets.
  • The establishment of four Thematic Hubs, focusing on Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Sensing & Metrology, and Quantum Materials & Devices, reflects a comprehensive approach to quantum technology development.

Significance of NQM:

  • NQM holds significance in advancing technology in various domains.
  • It aims to develop high-sensitivity magnetometers for atomic systems, crucial for applications in precision timing, communications, and navigation.
  • The mission’s objectives align with the broader goals of technological self-reliance and innovation.


About Quantum Technology

·       Quantum technology leverages the principles of quantum mechanics, including quantum entanglement and superposition.

·       Quantum Entanglement: Involves the connection or entanglement of two atoms despite their physical separation.

·       Superposition: Quantum states can exist as a sum of two or more states simultaneously, enhancing computational capabilities.

·       Qubits serve as the fundamental unit of information in quantum computing, representing the quantum bit.

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