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Warli Tribe

Why is it in the news?

  • The Warli tribe, one of the largest tribes in the Maharashtra region, has established a unique example of peaceful coexistence with leopards.
  • Their settlements are located on the outskirts of Mumbai, particularly in the North Sahyadri region.
  • The Warli tribe holds a distinctive cultural practice of worshipping leopards, referring to them as “Waghoba,” treating the big cats as deities.
  • This cultural belief system forms the basis for the tribe’s harmonious relationship with the leopard population near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Maharashtra.


More about Warli Tribes

  • Renowned for their Warli wall paintings, the tribe showcases their artistic prowess in this traditional form of expression.
  • These paintings, rooted in the tribe’s cultural heritage, date back to the 10th century AD.
  • Warli wall paintings draw inspiration from the tribe’s daily life routines and their immediate surroundings.
  • They often depict scenes from tribal life, nature, rituals, and cultural practices, preserving the essence of Warli heritage.
  • Using natural materials and colours, the artists employ bamboo brushes to create intricate and culturally rich artworks.

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