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D2M Technology for Mobile Phones

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • The government is exploring the potential of D2M (Direct to Mobile) technology for its innovative applications and advancements.

More about the news

  • D2M (Direct-to-Mobile) technology explores the convergence of broadband and broadcast, allowing mobile phones to receive terrestrial digital TV signals.
  • Similar to FM radio, D2M technology involves a receiver within the mobile device that can tap into different radio frequencies.
  • D2M technology enhances the reliability of communication during emergencies by eliminating the reliance on internet or cellular networks.
  • Ensures that critical information reaches users even in situations where traditional communication channels may be compromised.
  • Enables authorities to reach a large population directly and quickly.
  • Disaster Management audio content is delivered in a targeted manner, ensuring that relevant information reaches specific areas or communities.

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