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Statio Shiv Shakti

Why is it in the news?

  • The landing site of Chandrayaan-3’s moon lander Vikram has been named ‘Statio Shiv Shakti’ by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).
  • The Chandrayaan-3 mission successfully landed on the lunar south pole on 23 August 2023.

 More about the news

  • The name originates from Indian mythology, symbolizing the masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) duality of nature.
  • Planetary nomenclature is crucial for uniquely identifying features on planetary surfaces.
  • The Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature is maintained by the Astrogeology Science Centre of the US Geological Survey on behalf of the IAU.
  • The IAU is globally recognized for assigning nomenclature to planetary surface features.

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