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Panchayat Development Index (PDI)

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • The Ministry of Panchayati Raj through the Panchayat Development Index (PDI) report, evaluates the grassroots progress in achieving Localized SDGs (LSDGs).

 More about the news

  • PDI is a multi-domain and multi-sectoral index designed to evaluate the well-being and development status of local communities under a panchayat’s jurisdiction.
  • Incorporates various socio-economic indicators to measure progress in the localization of Sustainable Development Goals in rural areas.
Nine themes encompass various aspects of sustainable development in villages

·       Poverty-Free and Enhanced Livelihood

·       Healthy Village

·       Child-Friendly Village

·       Water-Sufficient Village

·       Clean and Green Village

·       Village with Self-Sufficient Infrastructure

·       Socially Just and Secured Villages

·       Village with Good Governance

·       Women-Friendly Village


Ranking and Grading System: Panchayats are ranked and categorized into four grades based on their scores

·       Grade A+: Scores above 90%

·       Grade A: Scores between 75-90%

·       Grade B: Scores between 60-75%

·       Grade C: Scores between 40-60%

·       Grade D: Scores under 40%



Significance of PDI

  • Provides critical insights into areas needing improvement in rural jurisdictions.
  • Helps pinpoint disparities and assess the achievement of development goals.
  • Aids in creating targeted policies and interventions to enhance the well-being and quality of life in rural communities.

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