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Padta Bet

Why is it in the news?

  • The archaeological excavation has revealed a 5,200-year-old Harappan settlement at Padta Bet, located in Kachchh, Gujarat, India.

More about the news

  • It is situated near Juna Khatiya, an Early Harappan necropolis (mass burial site), indicating continuous human occupation in the region.
  • Evidence of occupation spans from the Early Harappan to Late Harappan periods.
  • Excavations have uncovered ceramic artifacts of various kinds, including large storage jars, small bowls, and dishes, suggesting domestic activities and food storage practices.
  • Other artifacts found at the site include semi-precious stone beads made of carnelian and agate, terracotta spindle whorls used for spinning yarn, copper artifacts, and lithic tools.
  • Remains of animal bones have been discovered, representing cattle, sheep, or goats. Additionally, edible shell fragments have been found, indicating the presence of domesticated animals and marine resources in the diet of the inhabitants.

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