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Exercise Dustlik

Why is it in the news?

  • The Indian Army contingent has departed for the 5th edition of India- Uzbekistan joint military Exercise Dustlik.

 More about the news

  • Exercise Dustlik is a yearly event conducted alternatively in India and Uzbekistan, aimed at fostering military cooperation between the two nations.
  • The exercise is scheduled to take place from 15th to 28th April 2024 at Termez, Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • The previous edition of the exercise was held in February 2023 in Pithoragarh, India.
  • The primary aim is to foster military cooperation and enhance combined capabilities to execute joint operations, especially in mountainous and semi-urban terrains.
  • Another objective is to enhance tactical, technical, and procedural interoperability between the two nations’ armed forces, thereby strengthening defence cooperation and bilateral relations.
  • The exercise will emphasize various aspects including high physical fitness, joint planning, tactical drills, and the basics of special arms skills.

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