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Lok Sabha Rules on Visitor Entry

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • Two individuals jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the visitor’s gallery, releasing yellow smoke.

About Lok Sabha Rules on Visitor Entry

  • Rule 386: Admission of strangers during House sittings is regulated according to Speaker’s orders.
  • Rule 387: Speaker has the power to withdraw “strangers” from any part of the House if deemed necessary.

Process of Entry for Strangers in Lok Sabha

  • Academics, students, and the general public seek admission to observe parliamentary proceedings.
  • MPs request passes for visitors, declaring personal acquaintance and taking responsibility.
  • Visitor cards issued for specific days and fixed hours; in special cases, two cards may be issued.
  • Visitors are required to carry photo identification.
  • Lok Sabha has public and Speaker’s galleries: Members facilitate entry for four in public and two in Speaker’s gallery (requires Speaker’s approval).
  • MPs accountable for incidents related to cardholders.
  • Caution advised when recommending visitors.
  • Parallel rules govern visitor entry into the Rajya Sabha.

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