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Advanced Nuclear Energy for Enriched Life (ANEEL)

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • Clean Core Thorium Energy, a Chicago-based company, has developed Advanced Nuclear Energy for Enriched Life (ANEEL), a new nuclear fuel combining Thorium and High Assay Low Enriched Uranium (HALEU).

·       HALEU is defined as uranium enriched between 5% and less than 20% of the U-235 isotope.

·       It is crucial for advanced nuclear reactor designs, although not widely available commercially.

 More about the news

  • ANEEL can be utilized in existing Pressurized Heavy-Water Reactors (PHWRs), making it compatible with India’s indigenous reactor system.
  • Offers a quicker and more accessible alternative for deploying thorium, especially in nations lacking infrastructure for other green energy sources.
  • Reduces operation costs and nuclear waste significantly compared to natural uranium.
  • ANEEL fuel bundles have a longer lifespan and burn more efficiently.
  • The spent ANEEL fuel cannot be repurposed for weapons, ensuring non-proliferation.
About Thorium in India

·       India has the world’s largest reserves of Thorium, estimated at 1.07 million tonnes, contained in the natural mineral monazite.

·       Monazite, a thorium-bearing mineral, is found in sand deposits.

·       DAE has established 11.93 million tonnes of in situ resources of Monazite in India, containing about 1.07 million tonnes of thorium.

·       Utilizing this thorium can position India to produce substantial green energy, potentially enabling the country to achieve net-zero emissions by the targeted year 2070.

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