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World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2024

Why is it in the news?

  • The Vice-President of India inaugurated the World Sustainable Development Summit in Delhi in February 2024.

About World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS)

  • The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) is an annual event that brings together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss and address issues related to sustainable development and climate change.
  • It was previously known as the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS).
  • WSDS was established in 2001 with the aim of fostering dialogue and collaboration on sustainable development goals.
  • The summit involves collaboration with government ministries such as the Ministries of Earth Sciences, New and Renewable Energy, and Environment, Forests, and Climate Change (MoEFCC).
  • The primary objective of WSDS is to mobilize opinion-makers, policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to collectively address the pressing issues related to sustainable development and climate change.
  • WSDS stands out as the only independently convened international summit on sustainable development and environment based in the Global South.
  • The theme for WSDS 2024 is “Leadership for Sustainable Development and Climate Justice,” emphasizing the need for proactive leadership and equitable solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change and promote sustainable development.
  • The summit covers a wide range of topics, including integrating sustainable development goals, nature-based solutions, adaptation and resilience strategies, promoting sustainable consumption and lifestyles, addressing the energy trilemma (balancing energy security, affordability, and sustainability), and enhancing climate action efforts.
  • WSDS introduces the “Vasundhara Magazine” during the summit, with its 14th edition titled ‘EquiClimate’. This edition focuses on the theme ‘Climate Injustice: Vulnerabilities of the Vulnerable,’ shedding light on the disproportionate impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities and the need for inclusive and equitable climate action.
  • As part of its outreach efforts, WSDS organizes the “Cool it for the climate” campaign, which includes activities such as a poster-making competition for school students.
About The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

·       TERI was established in 1974 as an information centre focusing on energy issues. Over the years, it has evolved into a prominent research organization dedicated to sustainable development.

·       TERI is a leading think tank recognized for its expertise in conducting research, providing policy recommendations, offering consultancy services, and implementing sustainable development projects.

·       TERI’s work spans multiple dimensions of sustainable development, including energy, environment, climate change, water resources, agriculture, and more.

·       TERI’s overarching objectives include promoting the efficient use of resources, increasing access to sustainable inputs and practices, and reducing the environmental and climate impacts of human activities.

·       TERI is headquartered in New Delhi, India, strategically located in the country’s capital, where it can engage with policymakers, government agencies, and other stakeholders to drive sustainable development initiatives effectively.

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