White Hydrogen

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • Scientists in northeastern France have recently discovered a significant deposit of “white hydrogen,” considered as one of the largest concentrations of this clean energy source ever found.


White Hydrogen

  • White hydrogen is natural hydrogen found within the Earth’s crust.
  • It is a clean-burning energy source.
·       Green hydrogen: Produced from renewable energy sources through the electrolysis of water.

·       Grey, brown, or black hydrogen: Derived from fossil sources.



  • Seen as a potentially vast and untapped clean energy source.
  • Estimated cost is approximately $1 per kilogram.
  • Green hydrogen is around $6 per kilogram, making white hydrogen more affordable.
  • White hydrogen deposits identified globally such as US, eastern Europe, Russia, Australia, Oman, France, and Mali.

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