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RPF ‘Shakti’ gets govt. award for protection of women passengers

Why is it in the news?

  • The ‘Shakti’ team of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in South Central Railway (SCR) received an award from the Telangana department for women, children, disabled, and senior citizens for their exemplary protection of women passengers.

 More about the news

  • The award was presented during a function organized as part of the International Women’s Day celebration at Ravindra Bharathi.
  • The award included a purse of 1 lakh and a memento, symbolizing recognition and appreciation for the efforts of the ‘Shakti’ team in ensuring the safety and security of women passengers.
  • The bravery and alertness displayed by the ‘Shakti’ team were commended by SCR General Manager Arun Kumar Jain, emphasizing that such actions not only boost the morale of the RPF but also inspire other railway staff to undertake similar efforts in passenger safety.
  • Two specialized teams, namely ‘Rudramma’ and ‘Nagamma,’ were raised to ensure the safety of women and children traveling on trains. These teams have provided assistance and security to numerous women passengers, demonstrating their effectiveness in safeguarding vulnerable groups during their journeys.

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