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Project UDBHAV

Why is it in the news?

  • Recently, the project UDBHAV was launched by the Defence Minister during the Indian Military Heritage Festival’s inauguration.

More about the news


  • UDBHAV translates to ‘origin’ or ‘genesis’.
  • It is a Collaboration between the Indian Army and the United Service Institution of India (USI).
  • Its focus is to delve into India’s ancient military thoughts based on vintage scriptures and writings from the country’s rich history.
  • These ancient texts provide profound knowledge potentially beneficial to shaping modern military strategies.

Key Objectives

  • Synthesize ancient wisdom with modern military practices.
  • Develop a holistic approach to tackle current security challenges.
  • Merge age-old wisdom with modern military teachings through interdisciplinary research, workshops, and leadership seminars.
  • Deepen the understanding of India’s knowledge systems and philosophies.

Rationale Behind Project UDBHAV

Arthashastra of Chanakya:

  • Highlights the significance of strategic partnerships, diplomacy, and alliances.
  • Echoes modern military practices like international collaboration and soft power projection.
  • Studied globally for insights into statecraft and warfare.

Thirukkural of Thiruvalluvar:

  • Promotes ethical conduct in all areas, including warfare.
  • Resonates with modern military codes of ethics, just war principles, and the Geneva Convention guidelines.

Study of Historical Military Campaigns: Insights can be gained from examining leaders and campaigns like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka, Cholas.

Example from History: The Naval Battle of Saraighat, 1671: Led by Lachit Borphukan, this battle showcases diplomatic negotiations, psychological warfare, military intelligence, and exploiting strategic weaknesses, specifically against the Mughals.

Way Forward

  • In essence, Project UDBHAV seeks to blend India’s rich military heritage and wisdom with current military practices to shape a more informed, ethical, and strategic defence approach.
Ancient Indian Knowledge System

·       Based on a 5,000-year-old civilisational legacy.

·       Values knowledge deeply, evident from intellectual texts, vast manuscript collections, various thinkers, and multiple schools of thought.

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