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Peregrine Mission One

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • Peregrine Mission One encountered a technical issue within its propulsion system, resulting in a critical loss of propellant.
About the Mission

·       It is a lunar landing mission conducted by the private spaceflight company Astrobotic.

·       The mission is partially funded by NASA.

·       It involves the Peregrine lander, a cargo transport craft designed to carry multiple payloads from various clients to the lunar surface simultaneously.

·       The primary goal of Peregrine Mission One is to pave the way for the Artemis program.

·       The Artemis program aims to land humans on the lunar surface by the end of the decade.

·       Peregrine Mission One carried several scientific payloads to the lunar surface, contributing to lunar exploration and research.

The payloads include:

·       Near Infrared Volatile Spectrometer System (NIRVSS)

·       Linear Energy Transfer Spectrometer (LETS)

·       Laser Retroreflector Array (LRA)

·       PROSPECT Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometer for Lunar Surface Volatiles (PITMS)

·       Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL)

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