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Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary

Why is it in the news?

  • A tiger has been spotted at an elevation of 3,640 meters in the Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary in Sikkim.
  • This marks the highest elevation in India where tigers have been observed, surpassing the previous record of 3,630 meters in Arunachal Pradesh.


About Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary

Key FeaturesDetails
LocationSituated at the tri-junction of Sikkim, Bengal, and Bhutan.
Geographical BoundariesThe Pangolakha range in the east separates Sikkim from Bhutan. Linked to Neora Valley National Park of West Bengal.
ConnectivityConnects with forests of Samtse and Haa district in Bhutan.
SizeLargest wildlife sanctuary in Sikkim.
VegetationAlpine-temperate-subtropical vegetation.
Biodiversity HotspotFeatures high-altitude lakes like Lake Tsongmo, a biodiversity hotspot for migratory birds.
Origin of RiversRivers like Rangpo and Jaldhaka originate from nearby lakes within the sanctuary.
FloraRhododendrons, silver fir, juniper, and moss-covered oaks.
WildlifeHome to Red Panda (Sikkim’s state animal), Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, among others.
Eco-regions EncompassedEncompasses various eco-regions like Terai-Duar savanna, Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests, Himalayan subtropical pine forests, among others.

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