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Opposing Forces (OPFOR) unit

Why is it in the news?

  • The Indian Army is in the process of establishing a new unit called Opposing Forces (OPFOR) for simulating adversarial roles during military exercises and wargame training.


  • OPFOR units are tasked with representing enemy forces in war game scenarios and training exercises, a concept already in use in countries like the United States.
  • The proposed OPFOR unit will be composed of existing military units and will replicate the weapons, operating methods, and tactics of potential adversaries.
  • Its primary role is to provide regular troops with scenarios closely resembling actual wartime conditions to enhance their readiness and effectiveness.
  • In traditional military exercises, participating troops are divided into ‘blue land’ and ‘red/yellow land,’ with the latter representing adversarial forces.
  • The introduction of OPFOR aims to democratize training by allowing all participating troops to gain firsthand experience in dealing with adversarial situations during on-ground exercises.

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