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Operation Storm Makers II

Why is it in the news?

  • Interpol has conducted a major operation called Operation Storm Makers II.

About Operation Storm Makers II

  • The operation is led by Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization.
  • The primary aim is to target and dismantle fraud schemes that exploit individuals victimized by human trafficking.
  • A total of 27 countries actively participated in Operation Storm Makers II, reflecting the global collaboration needed to address transnational criminal networks.

Key Findings of the Operation

  • The operation uncovered evidence that human trafficking-fuelled frauds are not confined to Southeast Asia but have expanded to a global scale, emphasizing the widespread nature of these criminal activities.
  • Victims are lured through deceptive means, often involving fake job advertisements. Once entrapped, victims are coerced into committing various online frauds, including but not limited to fake cryptocurrency investments, work-from-home scams, and lottery and online gambling scams.
  • Shockingly, the victims of these schemes not only face exploitation in the form of cybercrimes but are also subjected to physical abuse, highlighting the severity of the criminal networks involved.

About Interpol

  • Interpol stands for the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO-INTERPOL).
  • It is an inter-governmental organization, facilitating collaboration among countries.
  • Interpol has a long history, dating back to 1923.
  • The primary purpose of Interpol is to facilitate worldwide police cooperation and crime control.
  • Interpol provides investigative support, expertise, and training to law enforcement agencies worldwide. It particularly focuses on three major areas of transnational crime: terrorism, cybercrime, and organized crime.
  • The organization facilitates cooperation among national law enforcement institutions through criminal databases and communications networks.
  • Interpol has 196 member countries, with India being a member since 1949.
  • The headquarters is located in Lyon, France.

National Central Bureau (NCB)

  • Each member country hosts a National Central Bureau (NCB).
  • The NCB acts as a country’s focal point for all INTERPOL activities.
  • In the case of India, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) serves as the National Central Bureau for Interpol.

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