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Operation Meghdoot

Why is it in the news?

  • Indian Army celebrated 40 years of ‘Operation Meghdoot’ on Siachen Glacier.

More about the news

  • Initiated in 1984 by the Indian Army to counter Pakistan’s cartographic aggression and secure strategic heights on the Siachen Glacier.
  • Airlifting of troops by the Indian Air Force (IAF) played a pivotal role, with soldiers being dropped onto glacial peaks to establish Indian presence in the region.
  • IAF initially focused on troop and material transport using transport and helicopter aircraft. Later expanded its role to include the deployment of fighter aircraft to support Operation Meghdoot.
Siachen Glacier

·    Located in the eastern Karakoram range in the Himalayas, stretching 78 km in length.

·    Situated northeast of the point NJ9842, marking the end of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan.

·   It ranks as the second-longest glacier in the world’s non-polar regions, after the Fedchenko Glacier in Tajikistan.


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