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Open Radio Access Network (ORAN)

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • The Ministry of Science and Technology unveiled a new technological solution tailored for Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) stations.

 About ORAN

  • ORAN is a concept in mobile network architecture that facilitates the integration of components from different vendors, allowing service providers to create networks using non-proprietary subcomponents.
  • Unlike traditional closed architectures, ORAN promotes an open, multi-vendor approach, enabling greater flexibility and innovation in network deployment.
  • ORAN employs software-defined collaboration mechanisms to enable effective communication and cooperation among hardware components from different manufacturers.
  • ORAN emphasizes openness in protocols and interfaces among different parts of the RAN ecosystem, including radios, hardware, and software.
  • A new ORAN base station solution is being developed by IIITB COMET Foundation (COMET) in Bengaluru, aimed at creating efficient wireless communication technology for 5G and 5G-Advanced networks.
  • This initiative aligns with the government’s vision of affordable connectivity for all and supports the objectives of the National Mission for Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (NM-ICPS).
Radio Access Network (RAN)

·       RAN is a critical component of a mobile network that connects individual devices to different parts of the network using cellular radio connections.

·       The primary objective of RAN is to provide fast and reliable connectivity at an affordable cost, addressing the needs of both urban and rural areas.

·       By extending coverage to remote and underserved regions, RAN contributes to bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusive growth.

·       RAN includes antennas that send and receive signals to and from smartphones and other compatible devices. Signals received by antennas are converted into digital format at RAN base stations before being linked to the wider network infrastructure.


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