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Online Gaming

Why is it in the news?

  • Recently, a famous Bollywood actor has been summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with his endorsement of the online gaming and betting mobile application “Mahadev.”

Online Gaming


  • Refers to games played over computer networks, primarily the Internet.
  • Includes online real money games, often associated with gambling.
  • Regulation of online gaming falls under the purview of Indian states.


Online Gaming Industry in India

  • Rapid growth compared to other entertainment sectors.
  • CAGR of 38% between 2017-2020, outpacing China and the US.
  • Expected mobile gaming revenue to exceed $1.5 billion in 2022, reaching $5 billion in 2025.
  • India saw the fastest growth in new gaming users globally, 50% in 2021.


Pros of Online Gaming

  • Economic benefits through revenue and job creation.
  • Potential to attract global investments.
  • Skill-based gaming aids early learning.
  • Some individuals earn income through online gaming.


Cons of Online Gaming

  • Lack of regulatory framework for player protection.
  • Addiction leading to financial issues.
  • Adverse health effects on children.
  • Increased risk of suicides and crimes due to financial losses.


Way Forward

  • Implement effective policies for responsible gaming.
  • Learn from global best practices in gaming regulation.
  • Foster dialogue between the government and the gaming industry to establish safety measures and operational standards.

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