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National Investigation Agency (NIA)

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • In 2023, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) achieved an impressive 70% conviction rate.

National Investigating Agency


  • Enacted after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack in November 2008.
  • Presently functioning as the Central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency in India.


  • Thoroughly professional investigative agency aligned with international standards.
  • Set excellence in counter-terrorism and national security investigations.
  • Develop a highly trained, partnership-oriented workforce.
  • Ensure effective and speedy trials.
  • Create deterrence for existing and potential terrorist groups/individuals.
  • Develop as a storehouse of all terrorist-related information.


  • Operates throughout India.
  • Applies to Indian citizens outside the country.
  • Covers persons in government service globally.
  • Encompasses persons on Indian-registered ships and aircraft.
  • Pertains to individuals committing scheduled offenses beyond India affecting Indian citizens or the interest of India.
NIA (Amendment) Act 2019

·       Empowers the NIA to probe terror attacks targeting Indians and Indian interests abroad.

·       Allows investigation into offenses like human trafficking, fake currency, prohibited arms, and cyber-terrorism.

·       Includes Section 66-F of the Information Technology Act in the schedule, addressing cyber terrorism with punishment extending to life imprisonment.


NIA Special Courts

·       Various Special Courts notified by the Government of India for the trial of cases arising from offenses committed in various states of the Union.

·       Appeals from Special Court judgments, sentences, or orders go to the High Court, on facts and law.

·       Every appeal heard by a bench of two Judges of the High Court.

·       Aims for disposal within three months from the date of admission of the appeal.

·       State Government may constitute one or more Special Courts for the trial of offenses specified in the Schedule.

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