Internet Cookies

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • In the digital realm, cookies help in personalisation and user convenience that play a pivotal role in shaping any online experience.

About Cookies

Working of Cookies

  • Cookies function as keys to a secure, members-only club.
  • They remember login information, eliminating the need for repeated credentials.
  • Cookies store user interactions on websites, enabling tailored recommendations and content.
  • Online shopping carts powered by cookies retain items across sessions.
  • Platforms like Facebook and Google use cookies to track online behavior for personalized ads.

Types of Cookies

  • Session cookies are temporary and vanish when the browser is closed.
  • Persistent cookies remain after the browsing session, remembering login info and preferences.
  • Secure cookies are sent over encrypted connections for sensitive data.
  • Third-party cookies come from domains other than the visited site, used for tracking and advertising.

Uses of Cookies

  • Cookies act as digital ID cards for user authentication.
  • They personalize experiences by recalling language and theme preferences.
  • Function as persistent shopping carts, preserving items for future visits.
  • Enable website owners to gather analytics data for enhancements.
  • Play a crucial role in targeted advertising, aligning ads with user interests.

Challenges Associated

  • Privacy concerns arise as cookies can track online behavior.
  • Security risks exist when cookies are inadequately secured.
  • Privacy regulations like GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act require user consent for certain cookies.
  • India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 mandates explicit consent for personal data via cookies.
  • Third-party cookies have led to debates and browser limitations.
  • Excessive cookies can lead to a data deluge and slow down browsers.

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