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Indian Army established STEAG for future warfare

Why is it in the news?

  • Indian Army establishes specialized technology unit called STEAG (Signals Technology Evaluation and Adaptation Group) for Future Warfare.


  • The focus of STEAG will be on researching and evaluating futuristic communication technologies such as AI, electronic warfare systems, and 6G networks.
  • Part of IA’s “On Path to Transformation” initiative with the goal of making 2024 the year of technology absorption for the IA.
  • Objective: Identify and implement suitable technologies to enhance IA’s communication infrastructure across wired and wireless systems.

Need for STEAG:

  • Driven by the changing nature of warfare, including precision and automation, advanced intelligence gathering, and ‘grey-zone’ tactics.
  • Addresses challenges posed by evolving technologies and the need for adaptation in military strategies.


  • Provides user interface support through maintenance and upgrading of contemporary technologies.
  • Bridges the gap between Armed Forces, industry, and academia.
  • Aims to make India self-reliant in high-end communication technologies and reduce reliance on select countries.
Other Initiatives for Future Readiness

·       Defence Cyber Agency (DCA): Tri-service organization dealing with cyber issues.

·       Command Cyber Operations Support Wings (CCOSWs): Protect communication and cyber missions for grey-zone and conventional military operations.

·       Secure Army Mobile Bharat Version (SAMBHAV) handsets: Development of end-to-end secure mobile ecosystem for IA’s communication needs.


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