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Hybrid Perovskites

Why is it in the news?

  • A study led by Bharat Ratna Professor C N R Rao elucidates the atomic rearrangements within lead iodide perovskites under varying temperature and pressure conditions.

More about the newsTop of Form

  • Hybrid perovskites are a novel class of semiconductors that merge the benefits of both organic (cost-effective, solution processable, flexible) and inorganic semiconductors (high performance, electrical conductivity).
  • This specific type of hybrid perovskite comprises lead (Pb) and iodide (I) as essential components, exhibiting favourable optoelectrical properties.
  • Lead iodide perovskites are recognized for their exceptional energy conversion efficiency, surpassing that of commercial silicon-based solar cells, making them promising materials for solar cell technology.
  • Despite their advantageous properties, stability remains a significant concern with lead iodide perovskites. These materials can degrade over time, particularly when exposed to moisture or heat, due to the toxic nature of lead.
  • Lead iodide perovskites find applications in various fields, including solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), X-ray shielding, and energy storage systems, showcasing their versatility and potential for diverse technological advancements.

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