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Grammy Awards

Why is it in the news?

  • The fusion band, Shakti, bagged the Global Music Album Winner at the Grammy Awards.
Grammy Awards


·       The Grammy Awards, also known simply as the Grammys, stand as one of the most esteemed honours in the music industry.

·       Established in 1959 by the Recording Academy, the awards aim to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in various facets of music production, including artistic and technical excellence across a diverse range of genres.

·       The Grammy Awards were conceived to acknowledge excellence in music performance, recording, and production.

·       The name “Grammy” is derived from “gramophone,” reflecting the original trophy’s design resembling a gramophone.

·       Over the years, the Grammys have become a symbol of recognition and prestige within the music industry, influencing trends and shaping careers.

·       The Grammy Awards encompass a wide array of categories covering virtually every music genre imaginable, including pop, rock, rap, country, classical, jazz, and more.

·       There are four major categories known as the “General Field,” which are not restricted by genre: Album of the Year; Record of the Year; Song of the Year; and Best New Artist.

·       In addition to these, there are numerous genre-specific awards recognizing excellence within each musical genre.

·       The Grammy Awards ceremony is held annually in Los Angeles, California, typically in January or February.

·       In 2024, the Grammy Awards introduced three new categories to recognize African Music, pop dance, and alternative jazz, reflecting the evolving landscape of the music industry.

·       The 2024 Grammy Awards saw notable winners such as the fusion band Shakti, Zakir Hussain, and Shankar Mahadevan, who received awards for their outstanding musical achievements.

Nomination and Selection Process:

·       The nomination process begins with submissions by record companies, artists, and other industry professionals.

·       A screening committee then reviews the submissions and determines the final list of nominees.

·       The nominees are voted upon by members of the Recording Academy, which comprises music professionals from various fields, including artists, engineers, producers, and songwriters.

·       Winners are selected through a voting process conducted by Recording Academy members.

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