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GI Tag for Uttarakhand Products

Why is it in the news?

  • Over 15 products from Uttarakhand have been granted Geographical Indications (GI) tags by the Geographical Indications Registry.


About the Products

Berinag TeaMade from wild Himalayan plant leaves, compressed into a solid mass; popular among London tea houses.
Bichhu Buti FabricsCrafted from Himalayan nettle fibers, known for unique insulating properties suitable for all seasons.
Mandua (Finger Millet)A staple in the state’s diet, finger millet grown in Garhwal and Kumaon regions.
Jhangora (Local Millet)Another local millet commonly cultivated in the rain-fed areas of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand.
GahatAn important pulse with traditional medicinal uses, grown in dry regions of the state.
Uttarakhand Lal Chawal (Red Rice)Organically grown red rice from the Purola region, known for its unique characteristics.
Kala Bhat (Black Soybean)A specific variety of black soybean cultivated in Uttarakhand.
Malta FruitA type of citrus fruit with distinctive flavour and nutritional value.
Chaulai (Ramdana)A grain used during fasting days, significant in religious and cultural practices.
Buransh JuiceExtracted from the red flowers of Rhododendron arboreum, known for its taste and medicinal properties.
Pahari Toor DalA variety of pigeon pea (toor dal) cultivated in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand.
Wood Carvings (Likhai)Intricate wood carvings reflecting the region’s cultural heritage.
Nainital Mombatti (Candles)Candles produced in the Nainital region, possibly featuring specific designs or scents.
Rangwali Pichhoda of KumaonTraditional fabric with colourful designs, representing Kumaon’s artistic heritage.
Ramnagar Nainital LitchisLitchi fruits grown in the Ramnagar area of Nainital, known for their sweetness and flavour.
Ramgarh Nainital PeachesPeaches cultivated in the Ramgarh region of Nainital, valued for their taste and quality.
Chamoli Wooden Ramman MasksWooden masks crafted in Chamoli, possibly used in traditional rituals and performances.
Almora Lakhori Mirchis (Chilli Variant)A distinct variant of chili peppers grown in Almora, known for its unique flavour and spiciness.


Geographical Indication (GI)

  • It is a distinctive indication used to designate goods with unique qualities originating from a specific geographical area.
  • The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999, is enacted to facilitate the registration and enhanced protection of such geographical indications associated with products in India.
  • This legal framework safeguards the reputation and authenticity of region-specific goods, promoting their cultural and economic significance.

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