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Euclid Space Telescope

Why is it in the news?

  • The Euclid space telescope recently released its first images.

 Euclid’s Mission (led by the European Space Agency (ESA))

  • Euclid’s primary goal is to map the distribution of dark matter and dark energy in the Universe. It will achieve this by observing the shapes and distribution of galaxies and galaxy clusters.


  • Understanding dark matter and dark energy is crucial for comprehending the fundamental properties and fate of our Universe.
  • Euclid’s observations will contribute to advancing our knowledge of these enigmatic components of the cosmos.
Composition of the Universe: The Universe is composed of different components:

·       Normal matter, which includes the visible matter we can observe, constitutes about 5% of the Universe.

·       Dark matter, an invisible substance, makes up about 25% of the Universe.

·       Dark energy accounts for approximately 70% of the Universe’s composition.


Dark Matter

·       Unlike normal matter, dark matter does not interact with the electromagnetic force.

·       Dark matter neither absorbs, reflects, nor emits light, making it extremely challenging to detect.


Dark Energy

·       Dark energy is a mysterious energy source responsible for the accelerated expansion of our Universe.

·       Its nature and properties remain largely unknown, and it’s the subject of intensive scientific study.


AspectEuclid Space TelescopeJames Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
FocusDark energy and dark matter, universe’s expansionEarly universe, exoplanets, celestial object origins, potential extraterrestrial life
Primary MeasurementsGalaxy shapes and redshifts, dark matter distribution and evolutionDistant galaxies, protoplanetary disks, star formation, galaxy evolution
Contribution to UnderstandingCosmic structures, dark matter distribution, star formation, galaxy evolutionCosmic structures, early universe, exoplanets, star formation, potential for extraterrestrial life
Collaborative ImpactComplementary missions, holistic comprehension of the universeHolistic comprehension of the universe, comprehensive exploration of celestial objects
Overall Contribution to ScienceFundamental insights into dark forces governing the universeInsights into origins, evolution, and potential life in the universe
Inspirational Impact for Future ExplorationInspires future exploration and scientific discoveriesInspires future exploration and understanding of the cosmos

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