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Why is it in the news?

  • A contingent of 45 members from the UAE Land Forces has arrived in India for the inaugural edition of the joint military exercise known as ‘DESERT CYCLONE.’
  • It is a joint military exercise, implying collaboration and joint training between the armed forces of India and the UAE.

 More about the news

  • The primary focus of the exercise is to enhance interoperability in Sub-conventional Operations. This includes specialized training in Fighting in Built-Up Area (FIBUA), specifically tailored for desert and semi-desert terrain.
  • The exercise is conducted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter on Peacekeeping Operations, indicating its relevance to peacekeeping efforts.
  • The exercise seeks to achieve shared security objectives between India and the UAE.
  • The joint military exercise ‘DESERT CYCLONE’ commenced in the year 2024, marking the first edition of this collaborative effort.
  • Represented by a Battalion from the Mechanised Infantry Regiment, showcasing the participation of ground forces from India.
  • Represented by troops from the Zayed First Brigade, indicating the involvement of the UAE Land Forces.

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