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Deep Ocean Mission (DOM)

Why is it in the news?

  • The Deep Ocean Mission (DOM) is an initiative by India to explore the depths of the ocean up to 6,000 meters using an indigenously developed submersible.
  • It is launched by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) with an aim to enhance understanding, harness resources, and develop deep-sea technologies.
  • Approved in 2021 with a cost of Rs 4,077 crore over five years in phases.


Six Pillars of DOM

  • Technologies for deep-sea mining and a manned submersible for 6,000-meter depth journeys.
  • Ocean climate change advisory services for future climate projections.
  • Innovations for deep-sea biodiversity exploration and conservation.
  • Deep-ocean survey for multi-metal hydrothermal sulphides mineralisation sites.
  • Energy and freshwater harnessing from the ocean.
  • Advanced Marine Station for Ocean Biology establishment.


Samudrayaan Mission

  • Part of DOM, initiated in 2021 by MoES.
  • A crewed expedition to 6,000 m depth in the ocean bed of central Indian Ocean using Matsya6000.



  • India’s flagship deep-ocean human submersible aiming for 6,000 m depth.
  • Accommodates three “aquanauts” and equipped with scientific tools.
  • Combines features of remote operated vehicles (ROVs)and autonomous remote vehicles (AUVs).
  • Interior designed for three humans inside a 2.1 m diameter sphere.
  • Sphere made from titanium alloy to withstand up to 6,000 bar pressure.
  • Moves at a speed of 5.5 km/hr using underwater thrusters.

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