Crystal Maze 2

Why is it in the news?

  • The Indian Air Force recently conducted a successful test of a new version of a medium-range ballistic missile known as Crystal Maze 2.


More about the news

  • Crystal Maze 2, also known as ROCKS, originates from Israel and is classified as a medium-range ballistic missile.
  • It has a strike range of over 250 km and is categorized as an air-to-surface missile.
  • The primary aim of Crystal Maze 2 is to strike high-value stationary and relocatable targets in GPS-denied environments.
  • This missile is specifically designed to target long-range radar and air defence systems, making it a valuable asset in neutralizing critical enemy infrastructure.
  • Its capability to operate effectively in GPS-denied environments enhances its tactical significance, allowing for precise and strategic strikes even in challenging conditions.

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