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Chakshu Portal and Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP)

Why is it in the news?

  • The Union Minister for IT and Electronics launched the Chakshu portal and Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) to safeguard citizens from mobile phone frauds.

 About Chakshu Portal

  • The Chakshu portal allows the public to report suspected cyber-crimes, financial frauds, impersonation, etc., through the Sanchar Saathi portal (sancharsaathi.gov.in) which was launched in March last year leading to recovery of seven lakh lost and stolen mobile phones.
  • Through the Sanchar Saathi portal, 18 lakh unsolicited call numbers and 67 lakh mobile connections engaged in suspicious activities have been disconnected.
  • Additionally, the Chakshu portal facilitates reporting of telecommunication-related crimes related to wallet payments, gas connections, and extortion.

About Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP)

  • DIP is a secure and integrated platform created by the Department of Telecommunications.
  • It aims to curb the misuse of telecom resources and data through intelligence sharing and information exchange among stakeholders (telecom service providers, law enforcement agencies, banks, and financial institutions).

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