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Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR)

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) is establishing the Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) in Hyderabad.
  • The centre will function as an autonomous, non-profit organization with a focus on leading policy and governance in healthcare and life sciences.
  • Globally, WEF has set up C4IR to foster global cooperation and innovative ideas in the realm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
·       Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of WEF, coined the term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (Digital Revolution).

Key Aspects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

  • The 4IR is characterized by a fusion of technologies that blurs the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.
  • Technologies associated with 4IR include the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and 3D printing.
  • The significance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution includes Technological Advancements; Increased Productivity and Efficiency; Economic Growth; and Good Governance.
Fourth Industrial Revolution and Good Governance

·       Improving public service delivery through digital platforms.

·       Better policy formulation through the use of big data analytics and AI.

·       Enhanced healthcare services delivery, including the use of drones and telemedicine.

·       Increased transparency and accountability.

·       Faster resolution of grievances.

India’s Initiatives for Capacity Building in the Digital Revolution

  • National Quantum Mission: Aimed at scaling up scientific and industrial research and development for quantum technologies.
  • National Strategy on Additive Manufacturing: Focused on developing Additive Manufacturing grade materials, 3D printer machines, etc.
  • FutureSkills PRIME programme: Targets re-skilling/up-skilling aspirants in emerging technologies.
  • SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0: An initiative of the Ministry of Heavy Industry for increased competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector.

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