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  • India VIX

    India VIX

    Why is it in the news? India VIX, reflecting the market’s near-term volatility expectations, surged past the 21 mark. Volatility Index The Volatility Index, also known as VIX or the…

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  • Nairobi Declaration

    Nairobi Declaration

    Why is it in the news? African presidents have unanimously endorsed the Nairobi Declaration on fertilizer and soil health, demonstrating their commitment to prioritize domestic fertilizer production. The aim is…

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  • Smart Cities Mission (SCM)

    Smart Cities Mission (SCM)

    About the news The concept of “Smart Cities” gained prominence post-2009, emphasizing integrated infrastructure, advanced ICT, and sustainable urban development. The NDA-1 government initiated the SCM in June 2015, selecting…

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  • Export-Import in agri Sector

    Export-Import in agri Sector

    About the news India’s agricultural exports fell by 8.2% in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024, largely due to curbs on exports of commodities such as sugar, non-basmati rice,…

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  • India became third largest solar power generator

    India became third largest solar power generator

    Why is it in the news? India has become the third-largest solar power generator according to the Global Electricity Review (GER) 2024 report released by global energy think tank Ember.…

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    Why is it in the news? The Department of Pharmaceuticals initiated the MEDITECH STACKATHON 2024 in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). More about the news The Stackathon…

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