Category: GS Paper 2

The General Studies Paper 2 (GS Paper 2) in the UPSC Civil Services Examination focuses primarily on governance, polity, social justice, and international relations. Here’s an overview of the syllabus:

  1. Indian Constitution and Polity: This section covers various aspects of the Indian Constitution, including its historical background, making, features, amendments, basic structure, and significant provisions related to fundamental rights, directive principles, federalism, etc.
  2. Governance: It includes topics related to governance, such as transparency, accountability, e-governance initiatives, citizens’ charters, role of civil services, etc.
  3. Indian Political System: This section covers the structure and functioning of various institutions of Indian democracy, including the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary. It also includes topics like political parties, electoral reforms, pressure groups, etc.
  4. Social Justice: This section focuses on issues related to social justice, empowerment, and marginalized sections of society. Topics include rights issues, affirmative action policies, welfare schemes for vulnerable sections, etc.
  5. International Relations: It encompasses India’s bilateral, regional, and global relations. Topics include India’s foreign policy, diplomatic missions, international organizations, regional groupings, global issues, etc.
  6. Important Aspects of Governance, Transparency, and Accountability: This section focuses on contemporary issues and challenges in governance, transparency, and accountability in administration. Topics may include corruption, ethical dilemmas, role of civil society, etc.

Candidates are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of these topics and their implications for governance and policymaking. The questions in GS Paper 2 may require candidates to analyze current events, evaluate government policies, and propose solutions to complex socio-political issues.