Carbon Nanoflorets: A Breakthrough by IIT Bombay Researchers

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • At the forefront of innovative scientific advancements, IIT Bombay has made headlines with their latest invention: Carbon nanoflorets.
  • These intricate structures offer a groundbreaking way to harness sunlight more efficiently.

About Carbon Nanoflorets

  • Nanostructures made of carbon atoms, arranged to resemble the pattern of florets.
  • Their distinct floret-like design grants them a high surface area.
  • Given their unique properties, they find potential use in areas like materials science, electronics, and the vast world of nanotechnology.

Performance & Capabilities

  • Unlike many other materials, nanoflorets can absorb light across various frequencies – from infrared and visible light to ultraviolet.
  • Their design ensures two things – minimal light reflection and optimal heat retention. This makes them stand out in converting sunlight to thermal energy.
  • A mere 1-square-meter coating of nanoflorets can vaporize as much as 5 liters of water in just an hour. This surpasses even commercial solar stills in efficiency.

Potential Real-world Impact

  • Eco-friendly Heating: Carbon nanoflorets can lead the way in sustainable heating solutions.
  • Diverse Utility: The sectors set to benefit range from construction to healthcare, presenting a promising future for these nano wonders.

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