Why is it in the news?

  • The Indian Air Force has successfully tested the BHISHM Cube, a cutting-edge mobile hospital, through an airdrop operation in

More about the news

  • Part of Project BHISHM, known as Bharat Health Initiative for Sahyog, Hita and Maitri, the cube is specifically designed to accommodate up to 200 casualties.
  • These cubes are durable, waterproof, and lightweight, making them adaptable for various emergency situations.
  • In the event of mass casualty incidents, the Aid Cube can be deployed within a brief span of 12 minutes and offers a range of medical and surgical care options.
  • The portable hospital comprises two master cube cages, each housing 36 mini cubes, and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics for efficient coordination, real-time monitoring, and streamlined management of medical services in the field.
  • Equipped with advanced medical facilities, including an operation theatre, X-ray machines, blood test equipment, and ventilators, the BHISHM Cube ensures comprehensive healthcare capabilities.

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