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Alliance for Global Good, Gender Equity, and Equality

Why is it in the news?

  • India announced a new alliance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.
  • The alliance focuses on promoting global good, gender equity, and equality.

More about the news

  • The alliance targets crucial areas such as women’s health, education, and enterprise, recognizing the pivotal role these play in advancing gender equity.
  • The initiative builds on the commitments outlined in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration, reinforcing India’s dedication to development led by women.
  • The alliance is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, signifying a collaborative effort with a globally renowned philanthropic organization.
  • The Confederation of Indian Industry Centre for Women Leadership serves as the anchor organization for the alliance, playing a central role in coordinating and facilitating its activities.
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) is designated as a ‘Network Partner,’ indicating its involvement in the alliance and commitment to supporting its objectives.
  • Invest India, a national investment promotion and facilitation agency, is recognized as an ‘Institutional Partner,’ showcasing the government’s commitment to leveraging investment for gender-focused initiatives.
  • The alliance reflects a commitment to international collaboration, recognizing the need for a united effort to address gender disparities on a global scale.

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