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Alarming Rise in Cybercrimes: NCRB Report

By Amigos IAS

Why is it in the news?

  • A total of 12 States and Union Territories, including Telangana, have recorded crime rates higher than the national average of 66.4%, according to the NCRB report.
  • Delhi topped the list with a crime rate of 144.4%, followed by Haryana (118.7%), Telangana (117%), and others.

National Cybercrime Statistics (2022)

  • Telangana reported 15,297 cases of cybercrime incidents in 2022, marking the highest in the country.
  • The surge in cybercrimes emphasizes the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures and public awareness.
  • Across the country, a total of 65,893 cybercrime cases were registered in 2022, indicating a substantial 24.4% increase from the previous year’s 52,974 cases.
  • The crime rate in the cybercrime category rose from 3.9 in 2021 to 4.8 in 2022.
  • Fraud constituted the majority of cybercrimes, accounting for 64.8% of cases (42,710 instances).
  • Extortion and sexual exploitation followed, constituting 5.5% (3,648 cases) and 5.2% (3,434 cases), respectively.
  • Bengaluru topped the list among metropolitan cities, reporting 9,940 cybercrime cases, followed by Mumbai (4,724 cases) and Hyderabad (4,436 cases).

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