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Abraham Accords

Why is it in the news?

  • This week marks an important milestone for West Asia and North Africa: three years since the signing of the Abraham Accords between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, under the auspices of the U.S. government.

More about the news

  • The Abraham Accords signed between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain three years ago, with Morocco joining later in 2020.
  • The agreements aimed to promote stability in West Asia and have led to a new era of normalization and peace in the region.
  • Increased trade between Israel and West Asian countries, as well as a surge in tourism, are notable outcomes of the Accords.
  • The Accords have benefited the Indian diaspora in the Gulf through improved connectivity, including direct flights between the UAE, Israel, and Bahrain.
  • They have also strengthened Israel’s relations with neighbouring countries, such as Jordan, leading to agreements on energy and water supply.
  • The Accords have facilitated economic opportunities for India, with collaborations between UAE, Israel, Bahrain, the U.S., and Indian companies.
  • The formation of the I2U2 Group, focusing on joint investments in critical areas, is a result of the Accords.
  • Youth delegations and educational exchanges have been encouraged, fostering bonds and understanding among young leaders.
  • The Accords have promoted cultural exchange, with initiatives like Holocaust education being integrated into UAE’s school curriculum.
  • India plays a significant role in these partnerships, collaborating on various shared interests, including pandemic recovery, trade, climate change, and international security.
Abraham Accords
  • TheAbraham AccordĀ betweenĀ Israel, the United Arab Emirates and BahrainĀ is mediated by the USA.
    • It is theĀ first Arab-Israeli peace deal in 26 years.
  • As per the agreements, the UAE and Bahrain will establish:
    • Embassies and exchange ambassadors.
    • Working together with Israel across a range of sectors, including tourism, trade, healthcare and security.
  • The Abraham Accords also opens the door for Muslims around the world to visit the historic sites in Israel and to peacefully pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, theĀ third holiest site in Islam.

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