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19th Interpol Conference of Heads of National Central Bureaux

Why is it in the news?

  • India highlighted the ongoing threat of online radicalization as a significant challenge to global security during the 19th Interpol Conference of Heads of National Central Bureaux.

·       Defined as the process where individuals or groups adopt radical ideologies condoning violence, including terrorism, to achieve specific goals.

·       Exploited through internet platforms, especially social media, for radicalization, indoctrination, recruitment, and financing.

Role of Internet in Challenging National Security

  • Social media serves as an echo chamber for spreading propaganda, disinformation, conspiracy theories, hate speech, and inciting violence. For instance, Kozhikode arson case.
  • Facilitates terror fundraising campaigns, utilizing virtual or crypto assets that are hard to track.
  • Techniques like micro-targeting and psychological profiling enable strategic tailoring of radical content.
  • Increase in cybercrimes and organized crimes linked to online activities.

Challenges in Addressing Internet Security Concerns

  • Associated anonymity complicates identification and tracking.
  • Use of deepfakes for misinformation.
  • Difficulties in enforcing laws across different cross-border jurisdictions.
  • Privacy concerns hinder effective law enforcement.

Way Forward

  • Targeted counter-narrative campaigns to debunk misinformation and disrupt echo chambers.
  • Implementation of content moderation and fact-checking measures.
  • Promotion of international cooperation among law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and policymakers.
  • Strengthening cybersecurity measures while regulating virtual and crypto assets.

·       Established in 1923 as an inter-governmental organization.

·       Facilitate information exchange between national police forces.

·       196 member countries, including India.

·       Organizational Structure: General Assembly, General Secretariat, Executive Committee, and National Central Bureaus (NCBs).

·       Central Bureau of India (CBI) serves as India’s designated NCB.


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