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Upsc Prelims 2024 Navigator Course

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Unlock success in UPSC Prelims with our 300 hours Crash Course. What You Get? 1. General Studies Classes 2. Current Affairs Enrichment 3. Prelims Mentorship 4. Prelims Test Series 5. Master CSAT in 40 hours 6. Prelims Powerpack Time           :         Every day,  6-8 PM Venue         :         Amigos IAS, Ashok Nagar Address      :  …

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What is Amigos IAS Prelims Navigator?

Unlock success in UPSC Prelims with our 300 hours Crash Course

General Studies Classes :

Dive into 200 hours of thematic lessons and 100 hours analyzing past-year questions with our meticulously designed UPSC Prelims course.

Current Affairs Enrichment :

Sharpen your focus on high-yield current affairs topics that elevate your chances of tackling crucial Prelims questions successfully.

Prelims Mentorship :

Experience unparalleled guidance with our mentors, who offer you a comprehensive and personalized blueprint for acing your Prelims exams. 

Test Series :

Experience our carefully curated questions designed to mimic real exam standards, providing you the strategic edge to ace the Prelims.

Master CSAT in 40 hours :

Eliminate CSAT fears with our 40-hour targeted program, designed to boost your confidence and skills for a successful exam.

Prelims Powerpack :

Ultimate Prelims Quick Revision Guide-Your Complete Current Affairs & Static Knowledge Kit!”


How Prelims Navigator Helps You?

 1)  PYQ Orientation:

*        100 hours of targeted classes over 50 sessions.

*        Focused on over 1500 sub-topics with 200+ hours, including current affairs and the economic survey.

 2) Mentorship Support :

*        Expert-led sessions covering high-scoring areas.

*        Enhancements using PYQs for a strategic edge.

 3) Subject Experts :

*        In-depth exploration of thematic PYQ-based topics with handouts. Expert-curated MCQ handouts for active recall.

 4) Test Series :

*        8 thematic, subject-wise tests covering PYQs from 2013 to 2023.

*        Total of 22 full-length tests, including 2 on current affairs.

 5) Detailed Discussion :

*        Comprehensive coverage of each subject’s high-scoring areas, integrating static knowledge and current affairs.

 6) Progress Tracking :

*        Evaluation over 1500 sub-topics with thematic, subject-wise tests to monitor your readiness.

 7) Quick Revision Handouts :

*        Last-minute prep with handouts for all 8 subjects, ensuring a quick and effective revision.

 8) Free  Materials :

*        Two volumes of Amigos IAS Prelims Current Affairs Revision booklets, covering May 2023 to April 2024.

 9) Free Monthly Magazine :

*        A monthly dose of the latest essential updates for Prelims preparation.


 Step Up Your UPSC Preparation with Prelims Navigator PYQ Analysis


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